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13.06.2010 00:01, David from Chicago :
I hate to say this but your Volcano vs planes graph doesn't help your argument at all. If one volcano does this much release and there on average about 50-60 volcanos per year of which this eruption is kinda the median, there are 365 days of the airplane level of CO2 release every year. So in the end more CO2 is released by aviation that nature, in this case.

With that being said aviation isn't the climatic threat that fossil fuel powered cars and coal fired power plants are. Those are some thing we drastically need to reduce and save the fuel for aviation. Since all planned alternative power systems are meant to create electricity not combust for reactive thrust. So all new power systems would be fine for turning props, thusly you are limited to subsonic flight.

In the end we have to cut back on our CO2 production before we die off due to a heating planet.

13.05.2010 05:09, ADO from Baltimore MD :
The photos you posted of the GM Motorama in 1955 were I believe actually of the GM Powerama - I just saw photos on another website.


Perhaps you could share the link to that other webite. Inasmuch as I was born in 1955, I was unable to attend either of those events.
04.05.2010 07:29, Bank Loans from UK Homepage :
The federal government is already investigating the Sunrise Equities/Salman Ibrahim scandal. <a href="" rel="dofollow">Bank Loans</a>


Phil, the Federal Govt has been investigating that for a long time now. Thanks for writing.
28.04.2010 00:00, Brittanicus from Indianapolis, IN :

"We’ve had numerous officers that have been killed by illegal immigrants in Arizona,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said on a previous Monday, at a Capitol Hill news conference. “And that shouldn’t happen even one time.” he also added “Folks, your cops, your sheriffs cannot do this alone,” Babeu said. “We’re doing our best and we’re overwhelmed. We’re stressed and things are out of control. We need the help of troops that are deployed along the border, additional resources for our border patrol and a zero tolerance policy.” THIS IS THE REASON FEDERAL TROOPS SHOULD BE DEPLOYED TO THE BORDER--TO DEFEND THE SPARSE POPULATION OF TOWNSFOLK, CATTLEMAN AND RANCH OWNERS ALONG THE WHOLE LENGTH OF THE BORDER

The cost of the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 to top $1 trillion within the next few months, according to the Congressional Research Service. Yet our politicians will not address the danger to people in the border region, Our politicians scratch around like headless chickens, worrying about costs. The deaths of Robert Kruntz, cattle Rancher-US Border Patrol, Sheriff and deputies who have been murdered along the region has opened a Pandora box. Yet it seems to most people they worry more about people on the other side of the world. Now because their complete disregard for Americans people safety, Arizona has been overrun with drug cartel criminal We have been continuously lied to, but not just from Democrats but Republicans as well about the border fence. If they build the original fence as originally designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), instead of worrying about the sensitivities of a corrupt government run by elites.

Any person trying to enter America would be apprehended between the two fences--in the no-mans-land--where they would be arrested. NOT ONE FENCE! BUT TWO FENCES? Before they could even scale the--SECOND--fence, they would already be exhausted from scaling the first fence and the patrolling flying drones or racing Border officer SUV would pick them up immediately. A good investigative report of the current fence--such as it is--comprises of vehicle barriers and rusty relic barbed wire in many sections of the border. In other regions the so-called lawmakers paid millions of dollars for virtual equipment that is malfunctioning and probably received monetary kickbacks for the contracts. For decades voters have reelected the same, tired, incumbent politicians must take the blame for the carnage in Arizona and have now blood on their hands. Arizona is on the front line of the blood bath, cause by the invasion of criminals pouring into the overrun state and a crippled economy of foreign welfare seekers. Andrea Christina Nill, Michael Hethmon, general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) — which helped draft the language of SB-1070, is being contacted by other states, who have asked for advice on how they can author the same thing. Send a message by Kicking out Sen. Reid as he tried to destroy the only immigration enforcement tool--E-VERIFY. HE IS ALSO FOR AMNESTY, WHICH WE WILL FIGHT TO THE END.. Get the facts--not lies and propaganda distributed by the Liberals hiding behind the Democratic facade at NUMBERSUSA.


Note: You can find NumbersUSA at They describe themselves as "a non-partisan site. We have Democrats, Republicans, Reformers and Independents both among our advisors and in our offices. It will take members of all parties to bring federal immigration policy back to a logical place."
26.04.2010 13:47, Peter Bella from Chicago :
If you can get as many people bused to Springfield as the SEIU did, then go for it. I believe they had three hundred buses.

It would be a beautiful thing. Pat Quinn could see his "adoring and fawning" subjects up close and personal. I would picket the Governor's Mansion.

24.04.2010 17:32, Toots from Chicago :
Im very sorry you feel that the victims of 9-11 should be remembered on the day of rememberance for the Oklahoma City victims. Im sure that no one remembers them when the 9-11 memorials are held.

Oklahoma City's incident was US terrorism by US perpertrators. That in and of itself should cause us all to pause to reflect. Further, like the birthers, there is a crowd of people who want to deny that the two partners, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, are home grown terrorists.

Many innocent children died that day. And we know that the bombers scoped out the building prior to the day of the bombing and they knew there was a day care center in the building.

I do honor and repect the lives lost on 9-11. However, let's not let that day overshadow the lives lost on that terrible day in Oklahoma City.


Toots: You misundstand. We all mourn the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. They should always be remembered, as should the 9-11 victims. Nobody said that the 9-11 victims should be remembered only on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

While you are partially correct that the Okla bombing was done by "US perpetrators," we should also remember that McVeigh had foreign masters. Nobody denies that McVeigh and Nichols were "home grown," but plenty of folks deny the involvement of non-US parties in the affair.

I have no doubt that your feelings for the victims are sincere, but tell us how you feel about the "many innocent children" and others who died in Waco, TX at the hands of Janet Reno. Now, there's some home grown statist terrorism for you.
22.04.2010 02:36, Steve from DC :
THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange???


Link exchange? Done! Thanks Steve.
20.04.2010 00:42, Bunni from Chicago Homepage :
Your recap post of the Tea Party Rallies on April 15th is great, Tom. Thanks for linking me.


Thank YOU, Bunni!
19.04.2010 01:45, lars siler from chicago :
R.I.P. God bless you

16.04.2010 00:55, Katja from Earth :) Homepage :
Just me again. I was at today's noon rally downtown, and took some more pictures. <>. From my vantage point, it was hard to say how many people were there, but it was kind of frustrating because I wasn't all that far back, but only could really make out part of Kathy Barkulis' speech and snatches of Adam Andrzejewski. The signs are always fun, though the most "action" the infiltrators had was a couple of them getting escorted away by the police near the beginning of the speeches for being disruptive.


Thank you for the link and the great feedback, Katja.
06.04.2010 04:26, Lawrence Muna from Honolulu, Hawaii Homepage :
Congressman Hank Johnson is CORRECT. Guam can tip over. The Cousteau exploration of the Marianas found that Guam was grounded by Two Pillars instead of a single, flat mass. The Marianas Trench is 7-miles deep; deepest sinkhole in the world. Merizo, at the southern tip of Guam is right at the edge of the Trench. The probability of Guam tipping over and rolling into the Trench is REAL. Another 8.2 quake like the one in 1993 can technically Tip Guam over and roll into the Trench, NEVER to be seen again. Scary, huh?


Lawrence: Sorry, but you're mistaken, and Rep. Hank Johnson is still WRONG. Here's why:

“Guam is resting on a boulder in a socket that reached equilibrium millions of years ago, and that keeps it from tilting in any one direction,” said Dr. Stanley Witherspoon, a professor of geology and lead author of the study. SOURCE:

Note the phrase "reached equilibrium millions of years ago." Now, Dr. Witherspoon also said that "A similar 'unhinging' could happen to Guam." Although Witherspoon added that the risk of Guam sliding into the ocean should have been addressed by the military in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), he also said, tongue in cheek, that mitigation strategies may involve an island-wide prohibition of beach volleyball.

In other words, Witherspoon seems to believe that Johnson's concerns that a few more humans on a sparsely populate island could cause it to capsize are overblown. Guam's population is only 308.43 per sq. mile (2005). Guam is 211 sq. miles in size; the island of Manhattan is 23 sq. miles. Manhattan's population is about 66,940 per sq. mile (2000 US Census). Guam's population today is around 180,000, or about 130 per sq. mile.
01.04.2010 01:03, Mikhail Kryzhanovsky from nyc :
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. "Barack Obama and KGB".

Statement for American media

March 27, 2010
New York City

Barack Obama's communist regime is based on my "White House Special Handbook" written for Bill Clinton in 1996 at CIA request. For that Bill Clinton pardoned John Deutch, DCI at the time and a suspected Russian "mole" later. Hillary Clinton was impressed by my work too and that's why she helped me when I confronted CIA in 2001. The book was published by Algora in 2007 and purchased by 280 American colleges and universities (see

In 2008 Obama made the following statement :" We can't continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We got to have a civilian national security force that just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded".

Many people, including Paul Broun, a Republican Congressman, are sure that Obama wants to establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship, but in fact he means KGB with its totalitarian control methods , the ones I've instructed Democrats about.

For additional information contact:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
PA/PL, Rm. 2206
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20520
phone: 202-647-6575

CIA Director Leon Panetta
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
phone: (703) 482-0623

I'm very sorry, America.
I'm out of Democrats' conspiracy against American people and I'm ready to make a statement at Congress hearing.

On March 26, 2010 I've received an invitation for a dinner with President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (signed by Ian Sugar, Director of Development). On May 13, 2010, at 6.00 PM I have to come to St. Regis hotel, New York, but I've changed my mind . I don't dine with enemies of state.

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
a former KGB intelligence officer and CIA "Filament"

30.03.2010 14:48, themiddleclassguy from Chicago Homepage :
We should take a page out of the Leftist playbook. Hundreds of people show up. Peacefully. Carrying signs. With tape on their mouths. All signs read- some riff like, oh, the Democratic mantra of shut up.

28.03.2010 21:00, Mark @ Israel from Washington DC Homepage :
Re: Illinois Legislator's HB Would Allow Opting Out of Obamacare. It's good that the legislators of Illinois are doing something to protect the people of Illinois from the devastating effects of Obamacare. Though it might seem late, it still better than just allowing the proponents of the health care law to have their own way when they have not really understood what they were doing. I really hope this would help Illinois.

26.03.2010 03:54, themiddleclassguy from Chicago Homepage :
I will just turn every electrical thing I have on to celebrate. It is the least I can do. I may video the meter spinning.


*** LOL!!! ***
24.03.2010 04:26, Jim Kumatsu from Chicago :
RE: AG Filings to Stop Obamacare:

I don't know how we can spin this. We will be accused of trying to win in the court what couldn't be done at the ballot box. They should go for it anyway.

21.03.2010 11:24, Pete Findley from NYC :
RE: Anna Graceman, the 10-yr old singer-songwriter:

She is truly amazing! for as young as she is she has such talent and depth to her songwriting and playing. It will be so interesting to watch her as she gets older. Already you can see the progression in her ability if you watch her videos from beginning to end.

13.03.2010 13:47, dolo from Fantasy Land :
It amazes me that you completely discount the non grassroots organizing work of Fox news personalities in almost every tea party event since its inception....not to mention Dick Armey's organization of public events.
Please, at least attempt some integrity in your statements!


Dolo: The Fox news people that you refer to were not organizers of the events. They were participants. There were CNN and MSNBC news personalities at many of the larger Tea Party events, too. What you fail to see and understand is the simple fact that the Tea Party movement is just that: A movement, not a party. As I wrote, it has no central authority, and is not controlled by any party such as the GOP. The Coffee Party, on the other hand, is centrally controlled. Re-read my post, and read the linked articles as well. Open you mind and reject the Kool-Aid of the Obama controlled OFA and it's devil spawn, the Coffee Party.
05.03.2010 23:27, Pat from Chicago,IL :
Our deepest condolences to the family of Richard J . Wieting and the extended family and his sister our dear friend Carol Barton. We feel your loss and pain.
The Sztukowski and Schumacher Family

P.S. A message from Pat Schumacher.
I have known Ricky since he was a young boy of age 9. He was so funny, sweet and handsome. He will always remain in my heart. XOXOX

04.03.2010 05:14, Bill Morton from Rogers Park Homepage :
About: Missing Mail Carrier's Body Found at Montrose Beach, Chicago - March 3, 2010

I feel horrible for the Mail Carrier's family. My condolences to them.


I second your condolences. Thank you.
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